Even when physically healthy, as we age, many people struggle with physical and psychological effects of our aging bodies. Physical effects can include erectile dysfunction, hair loss, fatigue, and reduced muscle mass. Mental effects may include memory loss, slowed cognition, and lack of energy—in addition, any of these symptoms may affect mental health, increasing depression or anxiety. Whether you are experiencing a relatively narrow range of symptoms such as erectile dysfunction or impaired sexual health, or a wider range of symptoms, we can work with you to find therapeutic options to combat aging. Our services include single or multiple classes of hormones and peptides that are identical to those produced by our bodies, restoring physiologic levels. Learn more about some of our specialized services below.

Erectile Dysfunction

A common condition that can affect both old and young men alike, erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction diagnosis tends to increase with age, but even young men can suffer from it. Chronic trouble or failure to get and keep an erection is cause for concern. For our patients who are otherwise healthy but struggle with erectile dysfunction, certain medications can prove effective at treating erectile dysfunction.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is a hormone that is critical to overall health. Although commonly credited with a healthy sex drive, testosterone supports much more than that. Your body requires testosterone to maintain aspects of your health, especially as you age. Unfortunately, a natural part of the aging process is a decrease in testosterone over time. Low testosterone is most commonly associated with men, but is also experienced by women, and we offer testosterone therapy to men and women who may be experiencing fatigue, memory loss, low energy, or other symptoms of low testosterone.

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Peptides have many applications and are embraced by men and women for their anti-aging properties. Used for a variety of purposes, peptides are especially effective at enhancing health and healing because they already exist in the human body. Peptide therapy seeks to improve upon what’s already in your body in order to optimize specific functions. Peptide therapy can increase fitness performance, combat fatigue, and reduce thinning/weakening hair and skin.

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