Viking Medical Group now offers Pellecome! Pellecome is a delivery system that calculates the precise dosage of bioidentical hormones.

Pellets offer bioidentical hormones that are delivered consistently, giving long-lasting and stable results. The compounding process for many hormone treatments can change the drug structure, creating “biosimilar” hormones. The BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) pellets we offer use synthetic hormones that are biologically identical to the hormones found in nature.

What is pellet therapy

  • Pellets are compressed pure hormones that are implanted under the skin, slowly releasing hormones over a long period of time
  • Pellets are inserted subcutaneously through a small incision
  • Pellets can be easily and safely replaced as potency diminishes, usually after at least 4 months 
  • Depending on the individual, users may experience results starting from 48 hours up to 2 weeks after the pellets are implanted
  • Pellets are small, ranging in size from a small grain of rice to the size of a Tic-Tac

What makes pellet therapy unique

A key element that makes BHRT pellets stand apart from other hormone delivery systems is their subcutaneous placement. This results in stable and consistent release of hormones into the bloodstream, without the scheduling or skin irritation like you might experience with injections, gels, or other delivery systems.

Injections can create fluctuations in hormone levels, spiking as the body metabolizes the dosage and then lowering until the next injection. With pellets, the body is constantly metabolizing a small amount of hormone, meaning fewer peaks and dips.

Implants also don’t affect clotting factors or liver function, making them effective and safe.

Pellets are long-lasting! Typically, one implanted pellet will be effective for 4–6 months.

Benefits of Pellets

  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Relief of migraine or menstrual headache
  • Relief from depression, decreased anxiety
  • Increased muscle mass and bone density
  • Decreased soft fatty tissue
  • Increased coordination and physical performance
  • Improved skin (increase collagen and elastin)
  • Increased concentration and memory
  • Improved overall physical health (BP, lipids, glucose)
  • Improved libido and sexual satisfaction

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