Our Mission: To provide high quality and cost effective care to men and women who suffer from low testosterone, sexual dysfunction or limited physical performance.

Viking Medical Group was created by a small group of dedicated and passionate physicians and providers with many years of combined experience in diverse specialties that include orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, pain management and physical therapy.  After personally benefiting from hormone replacement therapy ourselves we decided to offer those benefits to others who suffer from the same symptoms of aging and stress that we experienced.  Like many of you we lead very busy and sometimes stressful lives that, combined with the natural decrease in testosterone as we age, can take a real toll on our performance.  What we provide is oversight and guidance of restoring what your body produced naturally for most of your life but has now started to ebb, with the result being you losing some of your youthful vigor.  Our goal is to provide single or multiple classes of hormones and peptides that mirror the exact same ones produced by our bodies and restore them to physiologic levels.  What this means is that the aim is not to turn you into an enormous bodybuilder but to bring your levels to what they were in your 20’s and 30’s in an effort to boost your energy, muscle tone, libido, and general feeling of well-being.  Detailed discussions of the various medications we provide can be found in dedicated sections of our website and we encourage you to use them as a source of highly researched information.  In short, the cornerstone of therapy revolves around testosterone replacement.  In addition, several different peptides that stimulate the production of naturally occurring substances like growth hormone from your pituitary gland are available and equally beneficial.  Another physiologic symptom of the natural decrease in testosterone is erectile dysfunction and we consider addressing this condition part of the comprehensive approach we provide.

What separates Viking Medical Group from the myriad other sites offering hormone replacement therapy?  As mentioned above, we are owned and operated by highly experienced physicians and providers that are dedicated to helping improve your quality of life safely and effectively.  By providing a comprehensive approach that may include testosterone, peptides, and ED medication among other products, we strive to help you restore the Viking in you. Take a few minutes to review our website and experience all that Viking Medical Group has to offer.

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