When it comes to low testosterone, or low T, and how it can affect the body, we get asked lots of questions. Given how crucial testosterone is to physical and psychological well-being, we understand why so many of our clients are concerned about maintaining healthy hormone levels and want to know the signs of hormone deficiency and low T. 

While there are plenty of indicators that might suggest lower levels of testosterone in the body — fatigue, low libido, difficulty getting or keeping an erection — honestly, the list is pretty extensive; however, one question we’ve recently encountered and want to clear up here is: does low testosterone affect penis size

It makes sense, that erectile dysfunction caused by low T might also result in diminished penile size and, frankly, it can. Consider one of the warning signs of low testosterone levels, as explained by healthline: The body requires testosterone to develop the penis and testicles, so low testosterone levels could contribute to a disproportionately smaller penis or testicles.

In the case of a small or micropenis, can testosterone or hormone therapy help to increase its size? According to the Cleveland Clinic, testosterone therapy can be effective in treating a small penis or micropenis, provided the treatment begins during infancy. 

However, testosterone therapy can be beneficial for both older men and women who are otherwise healthy, with the respect to increased vitality, greater muscle mass, decreased fat, and improved libido. 

Pursuing hormone therapy is a personal consideration and we can help you determine if testosterone hormone replacement therapy is right for you. 

While we believe in what we do and are proud of our expertise, there’s nothing like an actual patient review to provide some reassurance. So, we’ll let Courtney take it from here… 

My significant other has been a patient of this practice since they opened.  I cannot say enough about Josh and his wealth of knowledge he brings to this area of healthcare that is greatly overlooked by a lot of other providers. The whole process is straightforward, simple and you have an amazing provider working with you through it all that wants nothing but you feeling your best in the end. The staff has been awesome to work with as well learning the ropes of this area of medicine. We do and will continue to recommend them to everyone. Thank you!


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