The importance of healthy testosterone levels for both men and women cannot be overstated. From birth, testosterone regulates a variety of critical biological functions, including muscle development, hair growth, vocal development, and virility. 

As we age, hormone levels change and fluctuate; low testosterone can result in a variety of unwanted side effects. For this reason, many of our clients contact us to learn more about testosterone hormone replacement therapy

In addition to this proven solution to low testosterone levels, there are several evidence-based testosterone building habits that can help increase or, at least, preserve your testosterone levels naturally.

In our opinion, combining both strategies is an ideal strategy to ensure optimal testosterone for your healthiest, strongest self. 

Check out a few of our favorite natural testosterone boosters below.

4 Tips to Take Your Testosterone Up a Notch

Like anything else when it comes to our health, giving your body the natural boost it needs involves making a commitment to easy, yet effective lifestyle choices… or changes.

Remember, you are what you eat. A healthy diet, rich in a balance of carbs, fat, and protein, can help regulate hormone levels. Be careful when it comes to crash dieting or, conversely, overindulging as fluctuations in your nutrition can throw your testosterone levels out of whack. 

Move your body. While certain types of workouts, like high-intensity interval training or weightlifting are effective at increasing testosterone levels, really any type of exercise should do the trick. By committing to a physical fitness routine, not only will you help elevate your testosterone naturally, you’ll also maintain a healthy weight and reap both the physical and mental benefits of exercise. 

Be smart about your sips. If you’re going to imbibe in an alcoholic beverage, make moderation your mantra. Excessive alcohol use has negative health implications, not the least of which are reduced testosterone levels and compromised testicular function. 

Establish a strong sleep schedule. You know the importance of adequate rest and restorative sleep. But did you know that research shows a correlation between increased sleep and increased testosterone levels?

While a natural approach is a healthy practice to help increase your body’s testosterone levels, the aging process can still leave you depleted. Best efforts aside, many people find that they need a more tailored solution to low testosterone, and that’s where we come in. 

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