You may have seen a lot of people talking about peptide therapy—but what are peptides and how does peptide therapy work? In this blog post we’re going to offer an overview of some of the basics of peptides.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids, similar to proteins (proteins are longer polypeptide chains). Peptides are naturally occurring, in all known living organisms, and they play a role in many different aspects of functioning. For example, collagen peptides help create collagen and thus contribute to skin health and elasticity. Creatine peptides help with muscle function and growth.

What is Peptide Therapy?

Our bodies produce peptides naturally, but peptide production may decline with age. Peptide Therapy refers to any process of administering bioactive peptides in the body. This might involve injections, topical creams, or nasal sprays. Once inside the body, the peptides bind to the cells in your body and can trigger or stop certain cell activity.

How do I know if Peptide Therapy Will Benefit Me?

Because peptides play so many vital roles in our bodies, there are many possibilities for improved wellness through peptide therapy. Peptides have transformed the skincare industry because of their ability to improve the elasticity of skin as we age. Peptide therapy often targets symptoms of aging like muscle loss and slowed healing. An added bonus is that there are very few reported side effects of using peptides!

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